100 Best Infinity Tattoos Designs and Ideas

The Infinity symbol has drawn its inspiration from the mathematic numeric system or physics. The symbol sort of resembles the numerical 8 of the number system. The symbol is popular not only in tattoos but also in different forms of graphic designs, nail art, and various crafts, etc.

The Infinity tattoos look gorgeous on different body parts, be it legs, arms, wrist, waist, neck, shoulders, around the eyes, etc.

Cool Designs for Infinity Tattoos

Infinity Tattoos have been in vogue for a long time. Men and women of all ages and from all across the world can be seen wearing these tattoos in different parts of the body. What is attractive and cool about them is the inherent meaning attached. Infinity as a symbol means something that is endless, selfless, something which goes on forever, and limitless. There is no end to what you express. Hence, getting an infinity tattoo is considered to be an extremely cool way of expressing your infinite or never ending love, passion for your partner, family, and friends. Following are some of the most creative and cool infinity tattoo designs:

Infinity Tattoo with Initials – Show your unending love to your partner this season by getting an infinity tattoo with the initials of your partner on one side and your initials on the other side.

Birds and Hope Infinity Tattoo – At the beginning of the tattoo, get birds designed and at the other end, get hope written. This tattoo is highly symbolic representing both positivity and freedom.

Infinity Heart Best Friend Tattoo – This is a super cool way of expressing your love to your best friend. The same can be done for relatives, sisters too.

Kids Names Infinity Tattoo – Ask your designer to ink the names of the kids throughout the tattoo. This is a cool way of not only disclosing your love for your kids but also makes a great style statement.

Love Quote Infinity Tattoo – This Valentine season, get a love quote written for your partner in between an infinity tattoo.

Black and Blue Tribal Art Infinity Tattoo – The tribal art tattoos have always been popular amongst the tattoo designers. Make use of these structured patterns in infinity tattoos to get a cool, classy, and attractive look.

Double Infinity Tattoo – The double infinity tattoos are very popular but they never go out of fashion because of their ability to transform your look.

Paw and Heart Tattoo – Infinity tattoos when combined with a paw and a heart make for a great design and looks cool, attractive at the same time.

Feather Infinity Tattoo – Ask your designer to make feather along with an infinity tattoo which will make you stand out in the crowd.

Collar Bone Infinity Tattoo – This one is for just the women. Accessorize your pretty off shoulder dress by getting an infinity tattoo on your collar bone, which looks extremely attractive and will also highlight your long neck.

Buddhists Infinity Tattoos – These are some of the special geometrical designs which are sure to attract a lot of attention.

Matching Heart Infinity Tattoo – You can get a heart infinity design for yourself, and the same one can be inked on your friend, partner, or sister. What a cute way to show your feelings to the loved ones!

Infinity tattoos are perhaps the oldest forms of tattoos and are extremely beautiful. Nevertheless, they never go out of fashion and continue to grab a lot of attention. So, if you want to ink tattoo designs on any part of your body, you now know what are the designs available. Make the traditional looking infinity design tattoos look trendy and classy by combining them with different colors and shapes. Just remember to choose something that suits your unique self and overall personality.

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