Our team always looking for new writers who are talented and ready to share their views with the rest of the world.
You can write about all kinds of things as you will have full control over what you want to write about.

But, publishing or not is our right.

No matter how many articles you want to submit, we accept all.

Guidelines For Articles

You must follow all the guidelines we have posted if you wish to write articles for us. The guidelines for content include the following:

  • The word count will vary based on the type of post you have and the subject matter. However, you need to write a minimum of 800-1000 words.
  • When working on your article, you should divide it up in as clear of a manner as possible. Use bullets, subheads, and lists. You can add tables if needed too.
  • Avoid using language that is too formal or technical. Not all readers understand some of the technical topics you want to discuss. If you have any ideas that might be rather technical, explain them in a clear manner before using those terms again.
  • Information on where you got sources from or other bits of information should be highlighted in your work. This is to give readers a clearer idea of whatever it is you want to share with them.

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