Popular Tattoos And Their Meanings

Many people get tattoos for personal or spiritual reasons, while others get them because they love the artistry and skill that goes into their design. But whatever the reason you got your tattoo, or are considering getting a tattoo, understanding the meaning behind some of the most popular designs is an important factor to consider.

Perhaps you have seen a dragonfly tattoo and wondered if there was some kind of symbolism behind it, or you want a tattoo that is a sign of a personal struggle that you have endured but isn’t sure which one to get. If this sounds like you, keep reading to learn the meanings behind some of today’s most popular tattoos.

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Zodiac Signs– the zodiac signs are a popular choice among many people looking to learn more about who they are, why they are here and what the future holds for them. Each symbol is based on a particular personality.

zodiac sign tattoo

Malin Symbol– this Swedish design is similar in appearance to an infinity symbol but is has arrows in the middle which translates to the idea that if you are to move ahead in life, you must experience setbacks and be able to learn from them.

Malin Symbol

Enso– enso, the zen circle, is a representative symbol of the universe and it stands for inner strength and enlightenment.

enso tattoo

Glyphs– these elemental Greek symbols are typically designed as smaller tattoos and have a wide range of meanings from love or power, to explore and learn.

glyphs tattoo

Om Symbol– the lines of the om symbol symbolize the beginning and end of life and it stands for the source of life for all beings everywhere.

om symbol tattoo

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Moon Phases– it is commonly known that the moon symbolizes life and the phases of the moon tattoo design signifies the way life is constantly changing and inconsistent.

moon phases tattoo

Sun– similar to the moon, the sun symbolizes life and is a sign of rebirth and fertility. Many who choose this tattoo to get it for the power and perseverance it gives them to start over.

sun tattoo

Roses– another popular tattoo design, roses are known for their beauty and they often symbolize passion or love. Certain colors of the rose have their own meanings as well and this should be considered when choosing it as your tattoo design.

roses tattoo

Feather– feathers are a popular choice of tattoo design and it is possibly the most misunderstood. In some cultures, the feather symbolises death or loss, while in others, it symbolises birth. It is really the way you perceive it and if you like it, why not get a feather tattoo?

feather tattoo

Butterflies– while beautiful and delicate, a butterfly symbolizes rebirth from something that was once plain, to something that is vibrant and complex in its beauty.

butterflies tattoo

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