Striking Pool Tattoos Design and Ideas For You

Pool is one of the most popular games of the world today. A number of lounges and bars feature a pool table where people can have some fun. There are many variants of this game and are known as billiards, snooker, 8-ball pool, and 9-ball pool. Pool tables are not only found at the bars or sports clubs but also at the recreation rooms of the corporate houses where employees can have some fun during work. There are some people who are absolutely crazy about this game. For them, it is not just a game but the passion. Such people may also want to go for the pool tattoo designs on their bodies.

If you are looking for some cool pool tattoo design ideas, then the good news is that there are many available. 8-ball is the most popular cue sports among the pool games but you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to it. You can get a tattoo of the colour pool balls, cue, striker, and even the pool table engraved in your body. We have compiled a list of some of the most striking pool tattoo design ideas. These ideas will certainly give you the inspiration.

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3D 8 Ball and Cards Tattoo Design

8 Ball and Rose Pool Tattoo Design

Demon Pool Tattoo Design Idea

Flaming Pool Ball, Dice, and Stars Tattoo

Frog on a Pool Ball Tattoo

Great White Pool Shark Tattoo

Lucky Pool Tattoo Design

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Memorial Pool Tattoo Design

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Pool Ball Wrist Tattoo

Pool Chalk Tattoo

Pool Shark Tattoo Design


Snake Eating a Pool Ball Tattoo

Sugar Skull Pool Tattoo Design

Winged 8 Ball Tattoo

Yellow Pool Tattoo Design With St600ars

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